Surveillance & Access Control Solutions

Key Requirements for Residential Areas

With the rapid urbanization, the residential area has emerged as the center of our daily life, especially the activities with our beloved families.

However, the traditional residential setup is facing big challenges with the new development of modern life, like the increasing consciousness of safety, wide usage of vehicles, convenience of and comfort of living environment etc.

Entrance & Exit Management

  • ANPR
  • Access Control
  • Video Intercom

Public Safety

  • Intrusion Alarm
  • Emergency Phone Tower
  • CCTV Surveillance

Central Management

  • All-In-One Management Platform
  • Smart APP

Residential Layout

Residential Layout

Application Area

Entrance & Exit

License plate recognition is convenient for registered owners’ vehicles going in and out and effective management of other vehicles.

License Plate Recognition

The access control system is convenient for letting owners in and out of a premise and effectively manage other persons.

  1. Support 100,000 valid cards & 150,000 records
  2. Support card, password, fingerprint and combination
  3. Wiegand or RS-485 interface to readers (2/4 door)
  4. Door time out alarm, intrusion alarm, duress alarm and tamper alarm
  5. Up to 3,000 fingerprints capacity
  6. Up to 100,000 cards capacity

Public Area

24×7H CCTV surveillance can provide a safe environment for residential and public areas.



24×7h protection to safeguard the residential by intrusion alarm system and CCTV surveillance system.


Control Centre

In a security center of the residential area, the security guard can see what is happening through the video wall.
When an emergency occurs, they can quickly locate the position and the can provide immediate response.

Control Centre

Key Technology

All-in-one management platform

USERVERSE All-in-One Management Platform includes CCTV surveillance, video wall, alarm system, access control, video intercom, entrance control, and smart application functionality. With high performance, high efficiency, high stability and easy operation, it is a cost-effective one-stop station.

One-card system for residential

Video intercom and access control can be integrated into the USERVERSE All-in-One Management platform. Residential owners need only one card to gain access to the entrance, door, parking, office, or any other facility in the system.


Through the E-map you can see the devices installation location and status, you can also operate the devices and monitor directly.

Control Centre

Video Linkage

Video Linkage

When an alarm event occurs, the video linkage function pushes a video message to the management center and displays it on the video wall. Security guards can then quickly locate the exact position of the event and confirm the situation.

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